Predictive Simulation Suite

Predictive simulation software helps to build dynamic models of processes and operations to improve productivity and maximise profitability.

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Twinn Predictive Simulation Suite
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Predictive simulation is the science of creating accurate models to represent the behavior of real-life processes.

Today’s businesses are facing increasingly difficult and complex decisions. Markets are changing constantly, competition is fierce, and customers are demanding innovative new experiences and consistently high service levels. Predictive simulation simplifies this complexity. A simulated model of your business generates powerful future-state data and helps demystify much of the analytical process by providing a rich interactive visualisation of information. Predictive simulation helps both analysts and decision-makers understand their business processes, data and how they affect one another.

Why Predictive Simulation?

Evidence-based decision making

Analyse ideas and 'what-if' scenarios where testing in real life would be impractical, expensive and dangerous

Operational safety and efficiency
Quantify risk and enable data-driven decision making to support strategic and operational efficiency and safety
Secure stakeholder buy-in

Communicate challenges and opportunities more clearly, accelerating stakeholders and investor buy-in

Maximise return on investment

Understand the impact of change to help optimise resources and drive higher return on investment

Our predictive simulation products


Discover Twinn Witness predictive simulation software. Twinn Witness gives you the power to validate decisions in a risk-free environment by using virtual models of your existing and planned facilities and operations.

A car assembly line, with a Twinn Witness dashboard displayed on a computer screen

How can predictive simulation help future-proof your operations?

Thanks to the modelling, we’ve been able to implement steady improvements in our processes, and simulation has become a key part of Nissan’s adoption of Industrial IoT and smart technology.

Industrial Engineer, Nissan Motor Manufacturing UK
Darren Travers - Director of Business Development, Industry


Director of Business Development, Industry