Are you looking at ways to increase production capacity, boost throughput or cut costs? Or expanding a facility, installing a new line or introducing automation? Use Twinn to understand trade-offs, create evidence-based business cases and de-risk decision-making.

Twinn helps commercial enterprises with light industry by combining the best of digital twinning, data science and industrial and digital domain expertise.

No matter what industry, Twinn helps answer the significant value-generating questions around opex performance, cape rightsizing and KPI optimisation. 

Twinn solutions are implemented in industries like automotive, aerospace, food & beverage (FMCG) and general manufacturing companies. We’re talking about questions key to Industry 4.0 ambitions like: “How are my assets performing right now?” and “When should we invest in new lines/automation?” And we’re talking about key continuity questions like: “What process performance can I expect in the next 24 hours?” and “How do we future-proof our supply chain to ensure competitive advantage 3 to 5 years from now?”

With our digital twin and decision support solutions, you get end-to-end visibility and control through real-time “describe, monitor and alert” insights. Using our predictive simulation expertise, you can gamify “what-if” decision-making by testing and comparing alternative ideas and optimising future state performance.

The result: de-risked decision-making.

What you can do with Twinn


The current state of performance, operations and supply chains in real-time using digital twins
  • Access all asset data, models and documentation in a central, cloud-based platform so you can monitor performance, guide training, plan maintenance and manage projects more efficiently
  • Get an end-to-end view of complex operational processes across production and supply chains


Anticipate problems arising from maintenance, supply chain disruption, operational bottlenecks and more
  • Test new designs, processes and facilities in a risk-free digital environment so you can see their impact before you spend any budget
  • Validate business cases for technology investments by using simulation to provide evidence on what will deliver the greatest return on investment


Unnecessary delays, costs and risks
  • Monitoring and alerting help you take a holistic and informed approach to predictive maintenance, so you minimise the impact on operations and customers
  • Use Twinn simulation software tools to model “what-if” scenarios, helping you mitigate against unintended consequences that could cause new bottlenecks or costs


Your approach to customer centricity, sustainability, and digital transformation
  • Gain the insight needed to answer complex optimisation questions like: Where should we store stock? How should you size and sequence batches? How can we reduce energy consumption? How can we improve scheduling and resource allocation?
  • Boost agility and resilience by using digital twins to optimise your supply chain strategy, production processes and digital transformation roadmap

Oliver Bird - Director of business development, Industry


Director of business development, Industry