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Maritime expertise coupled with data and software for predictive simulation in ports and logistics sectors.

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Twinn maritime suite
Offshore LNG import terminal mooring Indonesia

Why is it?

Market-leading maritime expertise
Twinn is the digital solutions brand under Royal HaskoningDHV, the engineering powerhouse that’s been the sector’s first port of call for 140 years. Over our history, we’ve worked on one in every three ports globally, which means you know you’re getting solutions rooted in a deep understanding of maritime strategy, infrastructure, operations and asset management.
Digital twinning made easier
Our solutions streamline the process of creating and using digital twins for key areas of maritime planning and operations. Twinn makes it easy to model your compliance environment, ship-to-shore interface, logistics, operations and assets. Whether you’re looking to understand your current state better or use predictive simulation to gain insight into the future – you get an out-of-the-box yet customisable solution.
Actionable insights from across your data

We combine data flows from across port and logistics operations – such as predictive metocean conditions, real-time shore data, shipborne Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) and other asset data. That way, you get more valuable insights that drive more informed decision-making.

What is it? 

Backed by 140 years’ experience at the forefront of maritime engineering, Twinn solutions help ports, terminal operators and logistics companies make more informed decisions that boost safety, improve performance, streamline compliance and drive digitalisation.

Using our suite of solutions, you can simulate the behaviour of vessels and their interaction with port assets. You can easily manage legal consents and track compliance. You can provide practical decision support for operations. And you can take an evidence-based approach to new investments, continuous improvement initiatives, safety enhancements and more.

From understanding current operations to predicting the impact of potential investments, our solutions help you hit the ground running with digital twinning. They change data into actionable insights so you can make better-informed decisions that positively affect performance, safety, sustainability, risk and cost.

LNG Logistics Simulator with LNG background
LNG Logistics Simulator

Twinn LNG Logistics Simulator is an out-of-the-box solution based on our 20 years of LNG-specific experience. It helps you go beyond the constraints of scheduling tools and static analyses – so you can understand, visualise and experiment with real-world operational characteristics. You get configurable, rapidly deployable modules covering the entire value chain from source to customer. From long-term horizon planning to verification assessments, annual demand planning and operational optimisation – it provides you with insight into proposals and foresight to manage potential problems.

Smart mooring software displayed on a laptop screen
Smart Mooring for safe sea-vessels mooring

Twinn Smart Mooring actively warns harbour masters or port operators about unsafe situations of moored ships in their ports. Through a digital twin of the ship-to-shore interface, it predicts mooring forces and ship motions days in advance by combining hydrodynamic calculations and weather forecasts. Thanks to this predictive decision support, you can make better operational decisions, improve safety and mitigate the risk of vessels breaking loose – which is becoming vital given the prevalence of larger ships, heavier storms and ageing infrastructure.

Ensis consent management system screen
Ensis smart consent management

Identify what matters quickly, ditch the spreadsheets, collaborate to ensure understanding and keep on top of legal consents – all with Ensis. This smart consent solution gives you an easy-to-manage representation of your compliance ecosystem. Every condition and commitment is automatically extracted from licences and legal documentation. You, therefore, have a single source of truth across the project and operational lifecycle, simplifying collaboration and streamlining compliance management.

Witness simulation for maritime - offshore wind farms
Witness predictive simulation for maritime

Twinn Witness gives you the power to validate decisions in a risk-free environment by using virtual models of your existing and planned assets and operations. User-friendly, flexible and powerful, it lets you quickly create digital twins that mirror processes, incorporating a range of data relating to both continuous processes and variable events. You can therefore test a whole range of ‘what-if’ scenarios to get detailed insights into CapEx, continuous improvement and operational enhancements before you invest.

How predictive simulation helps to improve operational safety in ports?

Until you engage with technology, you don’t know how better informed your decisions could be. This software provides an opportunity to mitigate risks and maintain operational efficiency...

Kevin Allen, Belfast HarbourHarbour master

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Briain O'Dowd - Director of Energy and Fuels


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