Aqua Suite

AI-powered software that helps you gain actionable insight into your water and wastewater infrastructure to make better decisions, while performance is autonomously optimised.

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Aquasuite software

Why Aqua Suite?

Machine Learning

Detect and prevent operational problems using machine learning at scale

Data Visualisation
Visualise your data using BI dashboarding for a better understanding 
Advanced Process Control
Automated control of your parameters 24/7 helps operators to optimize day-to-day operations 
Real-time Monitoring and Optimisation
Full real-time visibility across your complete water and wastewater network and treatment 

Aqua Suite software for the entire water cycle

We build software that empowers utilities and industries to effectively manage their entire water and wastewater processes and improve performance. At Royal HaskoningDHV, we recognise our customers’ need to be prepared for challenges on sustainability and resilience due to extreme, changing weather conditions, the risks of aging infrastructure and assets, and the future of their workforce. This is especially true, as businesses are challenged with an aging workforce and knowledge retention.

AI-powered analyst and autopilot 

Aqua Suite software operates as an AI-powered analyst and autopilot for water utilities and industries. It rapidly learns the  relationship between processes, makes accurate predictions, and anticipates demand and changing conditions, while  preserving valuable knowledge. How?

It monitors, analyses, visualises and controls the performance of water and wastewater treatment processes through predictive analytics and machine learning. While you gain full, real-time visibility across your complete water or wastewater treatment network, Aqua Suite controls your day-to-day operations. 

For over 25 years, we have been developing our software in close collaboration with customers; continuously improving the operation of water and wastewater systems and networks. 

We have already helped thousands of industrial, municipal and commercial assets 
  • Maintain a constant pressure and flow of water supply, creating a calm network
  • Avoid water losses and improve customer service
  • Achieve environmental compliance
  • Reduce opex costs
  • Turn waste into a renewable energy source

How does Aqua Suite work?


Aqua Suite connects to your existing systems (SCADA, PLCs, process databases) and sensors.

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It collects and analyses complex historical real-time data sets to make predictions.


Aqua Suite`s virtual operator uses the predictions to control your day-to-day operations with optimum efficiency and effectiveness.

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Supervise the performance of infrastructure via dashboards and data visualisations to focus on the right events and to make informed decisions fast.

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We plan to extend the application of Aquasuite solution to 3,000 municipal water stations to gain real insight into how the water chain works as a whole.

Léon VerhaegenSenior Project Leader of ICT and Innovation at WBL

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