Improving wastewater treatment performance and optimizing sludge treatment with nutrients removal. Understand and control the performance of wastewater systems by accessing and interpreting real-time data from sewage pumping stations.

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Why Aquasuite for Wastewater?

Reduced energy costs
Optimized wastewater treatment helps to reduce energy costs. Whether it be controlling pumping stations to achieve a stable flow towards the wastewater treatment plant, optimizing aeration strategies or, we have a solution.
Reduced chemical use
Reduce chemical use and sludge disposal costs in biosolid processing. Increasing the efficiency of the sludge dewatering system and avoiding expensive sludge seeding.
Anaerobic controller
Aquasuite’s virtual operator with optimisation algorithms is used as a permanent safeguard to mitigate operational risks and benefit from a higher, more stable gas production and allowing to meet sustainability targets.
Reduced overflows and spills
Combined Sewer Overflow events that happen after periods of heavy rainfall, can be reduced with software that combines weather forecasts with processing information to predict future implications for the network, water flow and identifying options to reduce the need for CSO.

What does it do?

  • Control of wastewater treatment: Improve wastewater treatment efficiency by accessing and interpreting real-time data. Autonomous control helps to improve effluent quality and reduce nitrogen levels by 50%.

  • Sludge management: Get a better understanding of sludge handling and insight into sludge transport and harvest biochemicals process to increase biogas production.

  • Balancing network and wastewater transport: More insight and control on the water transport systems allows condition-based maintenance and better asset management, extending the lifecycle of the equipment.

  • Sewer network monitoring: Detect blocked sewers to prevent flooding, unconsented spills, overflows and high penalties. Prediction of high levels in the sewer network within the next 48 hours.

Computer with a graph

It gave operators tools and resources to improve performance and emergency response. Data integration helps to predict pipe outbursts before it happens. It makes operations and maintenance more efficient and smarter.

Leon VerhaegenSenior Project Manager ICT and Innovation, Waterschapsbedrijf Limburg

Case studies

Melchior  Schenk - Sales Leader Twinn Aqua Suite

Melchior Schenk

Sales Leader Twinn Aqua Suite