Improving wastewater treatment performance and achieving a sustainable sludge line with nutrients removal

wastewater facility and sunset behind

Why Aquasuite for wastewater?

Meet environmental compliance, reduce opex costs
Improves wastewater treatment performance by controlling and monitoring wastewater transport.  
Avoid overflows, meet stringent regulations
Detects blocked sewers to prevent flooding, unconsented spills and high penalties.
Meet effluent quality regulations efficiently
Optimises nutrient removal from wastewater and sludge supply to sludge line.
Optimise sludge treatment and logistics
Reduces sludge disposal, chemical usage, and operational effort, and increases biogas production.

What does it do?

The wastewater treatment process can be fully controlled by Aqua Suite – a modular, scalable and quick-to-deploy software solution for existing and new wastewater treatment plants. It enables real-time response, enhancing operational efficiencies in critical infrastructure. Proven AI algorithms predict the level of dry weather flow (DFW), rainwater flow (RWF), influent flow and load, and sludge production. Aqua Suite uses these predictions to fully automate and control the flow through the network, maximise the usage of sewer networks and optimise the sludge line, to reduce Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) events and pollution incidents, and help turn waste into renewable energy.

Aqua Suite software for wastewater treatment

The most important thing we achieved in this project is giving our operators the tools and resources they need to improve performance. That hugely improves our efficiency and emergency response.

Leon VerhaegenSenior Project Manager ICT and Innovation, Waterschapsbedrijf Limburg
Melchior  Schenk - Sales Leader Twinn Aqua Suite

Melchior Schenk

Sales Leader Twinn Aqua Suite