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To help your organisation become more resilient, sustainable and innovative, you must understand the complex interplay across your physical and digital worlds. With Twinn’s combination of deep domain expertise, software and data, you can answer questions specific to your industry dynamics and get actionable insights unique to your business.

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Financial Services

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Insurance, reinsurance, banking, investment and asset management

Water Utilities

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Wastewater, clean water, sewage, sludge, leak detection and water production


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Automotive, aerospace, food & beverage (FMCG) and general manufacturing


aerial view of an offshore wind turbine

Wind, LNG, nuclear and midstream oil

Maritime & Logistics

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 Ports, terminal operators and logistics

Markets and Financial Services

Financial Services

Twinn helps you understand exposure to climate risks now and into the future – so you can understand, control and mitigate these risks.

Twinn is the global leader in physical climate risk analytics for financial services. Banks, insurers, investment firms and asset managers use our data and insights to understand the climate risks for specific locations – based on today’s risk profile and into the future for different time periods and climate scenarios. Insurance and reinsurance companies use Twinn to get detailed risk ratings and supplementary information needed to understand and price risk appropriately, avoid adverse claims and manage over-aggregation of risks.

Our data and wider solutions are based on proprietary IP developed over 20 years. They combine high-resolution, granular data with advanced modelling, predictive analytics, machine learning and razor-sharp domain expertise. Not only does this make for more accurate risk management, but it also simplifies compliance and regulatory reporting.


Water Utilities

Lots of software can help with leak, blockage and treatment processes. So why Twinn? Because you get one solution for the entire water cycle – and it’s one of the most trusted on the market.

With Twinn’s predictive analytics and machine learning, it’s easy to monitor, visualise, predict and control water and wastewater infrastructure performance in real-time. Alerts flag potential issues so you can rectify them before they cause problems, and automation helps you optimise processes.

Twinn works with all sensors, hardware and systems. It’s backed by 140 years of engineering excellence and continuously improved by our 600-strong team of water experts. With this combination of software, data and domain expertise, it’s no wonder Twinn users say things like: “We’re in better control regardless of flow conditions” and “We now have the potential to cut the run time in half.”

Markets and Water Utilities
Markets and Industry


Across the Design – Build – Operate – Maintain lifecycle of an asset, process, facility or supply chain, it can feel like there are more questions than answers.

We’re talking about significant value-generating questions around opex performance, capex rightsizing and KPI optimisation. It’s: “How are my assets performing right now?” and “When should we invest in new lines/automation?” It’s: “What process performance can I expect in the next 24 hours?” and “How do we future-proof our supply chain to ensure competitive advantage 3 to 5 years from now?”

Twinn helps you answer these questions by combining the best of digital twinning, data science and industrial and digital domain expertise. Our decision support solutions give you end-to-end visibility and control with real-time “describe, monitor and alert” insights. Our predictive simulation expertise gamifies “what-if” decision-making by letting you test and compare alternative ideas and optimise future state performance.

The result: de-risked decision-making.


There's a dizzying growth in renewable energy. In addition, there's a response to a temporary spike in demand for LNG, which will phase out over the coming decade. To keep up, you need to make effective decisions quickly. Twinn's digital solutions give you accurate insight – at the speed you need.

For offshore wind developers, we help answer questions like: "What consent (permit) commitments are needed to ensure we mitigate potential impacts?" and "Which simulation solutions are applicable to assess marine infrastructure needs and maritime logistics, to provide certainty we’ll meet ambitious delivery targets?" For LNG operators, it’s questions like: “How do we balance storage, variable offtake and variability in vessel call/parcel size to optimise annual demand planning?”  

Twinn’s comprehensive decision intelligence solutions support you across development, deployment and maintenance. They're backed by Europe's biggest offshore wind environmental services team, experience supporting offshore wind projects totalling more than 22GW and 30 years’ working across midstream and LNG.

Markets and Energy
Maritime and Logistics Market

Maritime & Logistics

How do you use data, software and engineering knowledge to increase operational windows? Is there an unsafe situation on the horizon? How can you enhance the port call process?

Twinn helps answer these strategic and operational questions. Our digital twin solutions combine data from across port and logistics operations with input from metocean data suppliers – so you get actionable insights days in advance.

We simulate the behaviour of vessels and assets, and we provide decision support for operations, new tech deployments and more – so you can pre-empt unsafe situations and make effective optimisation decisions.

Importantly, Twinn is backed by the world’s largest team of maritime consultants with a 140-year heritage in the industry. That way, you know you’re getting solutions steeped in a deep understanding of the intricacies of maritime health and safety, operations and technology.

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