Overcome global challenges shaping the future

Twinn’s actionable insights help you integrate sustainability into your strategy and operations, improve your organisation’s resilience and overcome obstacles to digital transformation.

The global challenges we help  businesses overcome

How Twinn helps

Organisations in over 100 countries use Twinn to become more sustainable, resilient and innovative. Learn about our digital solutions – and how we can partner with you to make better decisions today for a sustainable future. Here are some you'll probably recognise — check them out.

If you need to understand the impact of risks and opportunities; predict a future state of your processes, assets and resources; prevent disruptions by anticipating and preparing for change; and optimise performance – look no further than Twinn. Our innovative solutions give you this ability to understand, predict, prevent and optimise. Read on to see how this helps you manage key challenges.


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The global challenges we help  businesses overcome

Digital transformation

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Move sustainability to action and beyond

How do you transition towards more efficient, effective and sustainable ways of working? And how do you do it in a way that protects profits and boosts competitiveness?

Twinn helps you achieve both these goals for initiatives across climate change, safety and wellbeing, biodiversity, resource use and social value. For example, companies can use Twinn to manage consents and plan development of new wind farms. They can use it to model ways of saving energy and integrating renewable power sources. They can spot opportunities using our market-leading climate data. They can use simulation capabilities to validate business cases for innovation around the circular economy. And the list goes on.  

Discover how Twinn can help drive your sustainability agenda.

We help business become resilient

Future-ready is to become resilient

What do you need to do over the next 12 to 18 months to ensure the business is resilient, whatever uncertainty comes your way? And what about the next 3 to 5 years?

Twinn’s combination of software, data and domain expertise help you prioritise and de-risk your resilience planning.

For example, our proprietary natural hazard data helps you understand climate change risks, so you can insulate the organisation as far as possible. Our predictive simulation capabilities help you pre-test the business’ ability to respond to uncertainty, running “what if?” scenarios to see how resilient it would be in any given circumstances.

Armed with this actionable insight, you can then make more confident and future-proof decisions over the short, medium and long term.

Unlock potential with digital transformation

What’s holding your organisation back from reaching its ambitious digitalisation goals?

By combining the best of digital twinning, data science and domain expertise, Twinn helps you overcome those barriers – minimising risk and maximising return on investment.

To give you an idea, organisations are using Twinn’s predictive simulation to validate business cases and understand the impact of new technology on processes. Other companies – grappling with ongoing (and expensive) operational problems – are using our digital twin capabilities to identify and eliminate bottlenecks in their operations, and to optimise processes.

Wherever you are on your transformation journey, Twinn will help you make smarter decisions. And because Twinn is modular and flexible, it’s easy to start small based on your use cases and digital maturity.

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