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Twinn provides digital solutions for decision intelligence that help you connect and understand the dynamics across your organisation's physical and digital worlds. Manage your risks and make better informed strategic and operational decisions with the support of our deep domain expertise, software and data.

About Twinn
A globe with a digital layer surrounding its perimeter has five icons representing the markets Twinn works within, financial services, energy, industry, maritime and water technology.

Turn complexity into clarity

Consider the strategic, risk management and operational questions that impact business resilience, sustainability and digital transformation. Answering these questions requires the right data, the ability to model dynamic processes, a way of connecting your physical and digital worlds – and access to insightful analytics to make decisions at speed. That's where Twinn comes in.

Twinn at a glance

Twinn is part of Royal HaskoningDHV, drawing on 6,000 experts and more than 140 years of innovation heritage. We have the agility of a tech company, the skills of an engineering powerhouse and a track record of providing intelligent solutions to complex problems. Our digital solutions provide actionable insights that help you become more resilient, sustainable and innovative.

Overcome global challenges shaping the future

Organisations in over 100 countries use Twinn to tackle key challenges. Learn how we can partner with you to make better decisions today for a sustainable future.


A bird-eye view of a sustainable engineering development of infrastructure


aerial view of a coastal area with green fields, and red roofed houses, with a digital overlay to represent measurement of risk and resilience from a hazard risk aspect.

Digital transformation

bird's eye view of a city with vibrant lines symbolizing digital transformation

We work across a range of markets

We work across a range of markets

Get a free climate risk report

Twinn’s climate risk assessment helps you visualise physical risks and identify hazards as they develop – so you can understand, predict and mitigate their impact before they cause issues.

After 12 years of research at several water authorities and running a research pilot on N2O with Advanced Process Control, we look forward to sharing our learnings to help you take the first steps in your N2O reduction.

Otto IckeProduct Manager & Developer, Twinn Wastewater at Royal HaskoningDHV

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